A bewitching concert before its release

A bewitching concert before its release

A short week before the release of A Plague Tale: Requiem , Asobo and Focus Entertainment invited us to a symphonic concert introducing different themes from the game.

Rendezvous was given at the sale Gateau, in the heart of Paris, whose acoustics will have magnified the compositions of Olivier Derivière , the goldsmith behind the music of the game .

Before talking to you in more detail about the concert, we will allow ourselves to underline the friendliness and attention of the organizers, like the overflowing kindness of the various speakers during the speeches. Whether for Kevin Choteau (Game Director) or Olivier Deriver , the speech in front of a crowd still seems new for the modest teams of the Bordeaux studio, and it is all the more touching.

Yes the voice of the director of the game was a little shaky, and yes they will both have used a medium to read their texts, but it doesn’t matter as their words were simple, touching, and generous .

“Life gives you evidence. Oliver is one. – Kevin Choteau , Game Director on both episodes of A Plague Tale“A Plague Tale: Requiem is a work of dream makers (…). The reflection of life, (…) with all the adversity it imposes on us, the acceptance of our shortcomings, our failures and our condition in the face of death. – Olivier Derivière , composer on both episodes of A Plague Tale

Before the lights went out, the young composer asked the audience not to applaud between the compositions, to better appreciate them. Here is a very simple task in appearance, but ultimately not so obvious: we had to repress our desires and first instincts, as these will have been shown to be sumptuous.

The fifteen musicians were accompanied by a choir singing in French, the Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir , whose voices sublimated the scores. This is a novelty compared to the previous opus, whose music was purely instrumental, and it is an undeniable success.

Sometimes the voices take over from the instruments, and the song then acquires a symbolic dimension of the religious, making souls vibrate. Sometimes they come to accompany the flights of the cellos, and magnify them.

Each of the songs was accompanied by an animated table, presenting the different themes of the game: travel, hope, death, loneliness, renewal.

The tunes of A Plague Tale Requiem, inspired and memorable, will have reminded us at times of other quality soundtracks, including Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Unravel, or even Journey. All in all good.

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At the end of the concert, we were also able to put our hands on the game and survey its beginning. This one being devoid of notable novelties, those who played the first episode should not be out of place…

As it stands, we can only tell you thiswhether or not you want to play A Plague Tale Requiem, listen to its music. She will take you away.

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