Everything you need to know before casting off

Everything you need to know before casting off

For 25 years, the adventures of Straw Hat Luffy have been followed by hundreds of millions of people around the world, so much so that the manga written and drawn by Eiichiro Oda has climbed to the top of the rankings with five hundred million copies sold. The series represents one hundred and three volumes published to date (one hundred and two for us), more than a thousand episodes in streaming and thousands of derivative products on the market. And since the year 2000, the manga has come to interfere in the world of video games thanks in particular to the Bandai Namco studio, at the origin (among others) of the One Piece: Pirate Warriors license which currently has four opus.

This is why last April, fans of the series were happy to discover the announcement of the new baby from ILCA studios (Pokémon Sparkling Diamond/Sparkling Pearl or Dragon Quest XI) and Bandai Namco. Indeed, on January 13, One Piece Odyssey will be released , a brand new adventure alongside the mugiwaras that may please this army of pirates!

So One Piece Odyssey , what is it? The game presented itself as a semi-open-world combat and adventure game in which we can embody all the mugiwaras during our adventure. According to the unveiled trailer, we can assume that we will face various monsters. Whether they are tiny or titanic, one thing is certain, you will have to get your fists out! It will be possible to change characters in order to use all their abilities (for example, we can use Chopper to reach inaccessible passages or Zoro to cut doors using his three sabers).

The fights will be played on a turn-based basis where, as the name suggests, the playable character and the enemy will each attack in turn. A mechanism seen for many years in the Pokémon license.

And story level, what does it give? Chronologically speaking, the storyline takes place before the Wano Kuni arc on a mysterious island named Waford. This seems to be a territory full of mysteries and full of stones and other ancient artifacts. The latter would also have been created from the memories of the mugiwaras. So based on this information, we can hope to come across many familiar faces!

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We have also had the recent information that the kingdom of Alabasta can be visited during our journey. We can then find old characters like Princess Vivi and discover the changes that the island of Waford will have made on Alubarna and its continent according to the memories of our Straw Hat crew!

The story was entirely written by the famous mangaka and he decided to create two new characters for the game: Adio and Lim. Regarding Adio, if we are to believe the trailer, the character seems to be one of the antagonists of the adventure. However, he would be allied with Luffy, he could then be playable during the adventure, like the mugiwaras. As for Lim, the character seems to be the mugiwaras’ first encounter when they get stranded in Waford. She hates pirates, the opportunity to witness some twists during the adventure!

In short, we hope that this adventure game will remind us of the very essence of this series that we love so much, and that it will rank above its little brother One Piece: World Seeker which, him, did not receive the most brilliant reception. As a reminder, we will be able to board the Thousand Sunny on January 13, 2023 on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC .

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