Smurfs Kart – The game is coming full speed ahead

Smurfs Kart – The game is coming full speed ahead

If the success of kart games is no longer to be proven, the competition is fierce and the various suitors fight shamelessly to share the crumbs of cake left by the Mario Kart monster. It’s Microids’ turn to position themselves on the starting line with the remaster of a game originally released in 2000 on Playstation, Smurfs Kart .

Although the announcement of the game seems to come out of nowhere, you should know that the colorful universe of Peyo will celebrate its 65th anniversary in the year 2023, a beautiful anniversary which therefore explains the highlighting of the little blue-skinned creatures. with the release of the game on November 15, 2022. The new version of the racing game will be available only on Nintendo Switch and offers the luxury of having a collector’s version which, although a little thin, will please fans of the license .

With the large number of racing games and mainly kart games (Mario, Crash, Nickelodeon…) we should not expect Smurf Kart to reinvent the style and on the contrary, the game does not hide the many similarities with d other works. Starting in boost, controlled skids, shortcuts, attack or defense objects… The recipe is identical and the particularity of the game will be based solely on references to comics:

  • 12 pilots available, including the most famous of the Smurfs who will have their own customizable vehicle and a special object, enough to turn the tide in the race.
  • 12 circuits representative of the magical universe, from the village of the Smurfs to the house of the wizard Gargamel, passing through the forest or the marshes.

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Smurfs Kart will include a local multiplayer mode for up to 4 players   but does not seem to have an online mode, the absence of the latter is easily explained by the very young age group of the target audience. Despite the game’s sparse content, Smurfs Kart can turn out to be a great end-of-year surprise for young and old, start the engines and get ready to smurf on the accelerator!

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