The black streak of bugs continues

The black streak of bugs continues

The release of the second installment in Blizzard’s competitive FPS franchise, Overwatch 2 , is definitely not going without a hitch and a week later, the dark streak continues. After the numerous connection problems that plagued the week of its release, which the developer has officially attributed to ddos ​​attacks against its servers, the game also suffers from bugs impacting the player experience and making the competitive aspect overused.

Indeed, users of the social network Reddit have shared videos of bugs affecting the characters of Bastion and Torbjorn. In the case of Bastion, a glitch allows the shots of its ultimate ability to be spammed, thus making it terribly more powerful than it should be. As for Torbjorn, another glitch allows the player to double the duration of his buff ability.

As a result, an urgent maintenance operation was carried out this Monday, October 10, and it was decided to completely block access to Bastion, while players can only play as Torbjorn outside of any competitive game. The duration of withdrawal of these characters has not been mentioned, even if it is unlikely that it will extend over time, Blizzard being indeed expected at the turn regarding the performance of its game.

However, farce of fate, irony of fate or eternal curse that Overwatch 2 

must suffer , this manipulation has apparently generated another bug blocking access to many heroes for certain players, in addition to the two offending characters. A situation that Blizzard has confirmed and blamed on a server-level issue that tracks and calculates player progress.

Overwatch 2 , released on October 4, 2022, is one of the major releases of this end of the year. The game must indeed take up the torch of the mythical Blizzard FPS released in 2016, and give a second wind to the franchise by making it take the turn of the unacclaimed free-to-play.

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