February 3, 2023

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Top adventure role-playing games for mobile platforms

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Top adventure role-playing games for mobile platforms

Top adventure role-playing games for mobile platforms

1/ Madmen & Monsters: Escape Games

The gameplay of Madmen & Monsters: Escape Games is also relatively simple. Pass through the gates, collect debris, resources, DNA fragments … With simple controls including 1 button to navigate, 1 button to pick up and 1 button to use equipment. It will not be too difficult for you to get used to the operation of the game.

Your difficulty will begin when Teleport takes you to the lair of the most dangerous enemy with countless strange monsters. Here, your task will be to find the ingredients. Then make your way back to Teleport to bring them back to Chigor’s lab. 

You would think there is a minimap for you to find the exit easily? But the game says “Hi baby”, there’s no minimap here. You have to find your own way out, facing both the pressure of time and the monsters that surround you. This is the real challenge for you.

2/ Alchemists’ Garden

The gameplay of Alchemists’ Garden is quite simple, you will build a squad with a total of 5 members. Each member of the squad will have separate skills, besides the characters will be divided into different elemental systems including: Fire, Water, Plant, Light and Dark. 

The matches of Alchemists’ Garden will be made with match-3 matches, similar to the Candy Crush Saga game we used to play. On the chessboard will display the chess pieces with the symbol of each member of the team. In order for a member to attack, you must match the chess piece with that member’s symbol in a row of at least 3 of the same chess pieces.

During battle, each character will have 1 SP bar and 1 HP bar. Each time the character attacks the enemy will accumulate 1 SP for that character, after the SP bar is full, the next attack that character will perform his special skill.

3/ Great Hero’s Beard

The gameplay of Great Hero’s Beard is also extremely simple. At the beginning of the game you will see the map hidden in the clouds, click on it and your character will automatically fight the waves of monsters hidden inside.

Through killing waves of monsters in each map, your character will accumulate a certain amount of experience and level up. Each time you level up your character, you will receive a stat point, these stat points have the effect of helping your character to increase combat stats such as: Attack Power, Speed, Attack, Health and Defensive Power.

In addition to increasing the combat stats, killing waves of monsters will have a chance to drop items that you can collect to equip your character and of course everything from attack to attack. until the collection of equipment is done automatically. The equipment items are divided into 7 categories for you to collect such as: Shirt, Hat, Shoes, Gloves, Necklace, Shield and Weapon.

4/ Little Nightmares

The story in Little Nightmares is one of nightmare horror, as you navigate a ship full of villains who have lost their humanity and want nothing more than to devour you and your loved ones alive. friend. Therefore, danger lurks everywhere in the game.

Specifically, in Little Nightmares, there is a cast of villains – creatures that appear throughout the game that you will be forced to rush down and dodge them to try to keep your life. Meanwhile, you still have to unravel what’s going on in this ship. This will definitely be a story that you will experience in a completely new way.

Before that, Little Nightmare was very successful on PC and Console platforms. Now with the upcoming mobile version, you will be more comfortable than ever. Because this version will include full controller support along with improved interface and Game Center support.

5/ Legend of Slime

Legend of Slime is an adventure game, boss fighting with a fairly simple combat structure. The mission of the player is to transform into a Slime, control his fellows to fight to drive humanity out of the monster forest, regaining its inherent peace. At first glance, it seems quite simple, but when you really step into the battles, you will feel how difficult they are.

Using 2D graphics technology, with square strokes like a comic book, Legend of Slime is really attractive to gamers who love simplicity. The characters are shaped by rounded lines to create a super cute look. But do not belittle them because of their easy-going appearance, because each character in the game is equipped with different skills. Their ability to fight with humans is also really formidable.

6/ Reach: SOS

Come to Reach: SOS – You will play as Shadow, a worker living alone on an island outpost in the middle of the sea. Everything seems normal until one day you start receiving cryptic messages and you have to find out what they mean by venturing across the sea and finding out who sent you the message.

The initial gameplay of Reach: SOS is mainly that you will find items and use them appropriately to solve puzzles, repair equipment. Here, you will have access to secret morse codes or keys in secret vaults to solve puzzles. Remember to keep a close eye on your surroundings because anything can be an important clue.

Reach: SOS – Will take you in turn to different rooms that contain many clues such as pieces of paper, damaged machines that need to be repaired. There are places where you will easily find clues, but there are also places that take a lot of your time. There are quizzes I had to spend more than 30 minutes searching every nook and cranny to get information.

7/ The Silent Age 

The plot of The Silent Age is the key to the success of this game. The game is set in 1972, about an ordinary laborer named Joe, who is given a time machine and tasked with saving the World from destruction. When I play a puzzle adventure game myself, I will often focus on the puzzles rather than its plot. However, the story in The Silent Age is something we should not miss when experiencing.

Besides the main content related to the human apocalypse, there are many interactive features in the game that depict Joe’s evolution from an ordinary person to a true hero. Putting it all together creates a complex story that is compellingly led that immerses the player in the space the game creates.

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