Top SLG games possessing quality graphics and unique gameplay

Top SLG games possessing quality graphics and unique gameplay

1/ Opposing the Empire 

Contradictory Empire is a series of SLG (Simulation Game) games that fully simulate what can happen in reality. Going in the direction of real-time tactical RTS, which already has too many famous names like RoK or CoC, but this mobile game is still confident in its inherent ability to usurp the throne.

In Contradictory Empire, players also have the right to choose for themselves a civilization as an orientation. Each civilization will have its own strengths, depending on the player’s tactics to choose the appropriate civilization.

For example, China will be strong in construction and resource harvesting, while Frankish is strong in Cavalry, Romanesque has many advantages in trade, etc. In addition, each civilization will have a different architectural style. each other, character shaping and specific details are also easy to distinguish.

2/ Evony: The King’s Return

Entering the realm of Evony: The King’s Return, you will be playing the role of a King of 7 kingdoms. Your main task is to overcome the extra levels in the game to expand your empire. You can build essential facilities such as: Research facilities, pubs, medical stations… Besides, you will collect resources to help your city prosper and develop.

Besides building strong combat base. Do not forget to strengthen your army and be ready to show your enemies who is the strongest.

Evony: The King’s Return features mini-games that will challenge your IQ. Do not underestimate these mini-games because the resources it brings will help your empire a lot. With more than 1000 puzzles as well as duplicate levels. Simply guide the archaeologist to find the treasure. But, you will need to use up all your IQ to do that.

3/ Three Kingdoms: Legends of War

Three Kingdoms: Legends of War puts players on a battlefield where you engage in battles for control of the vast world. The story is fascinating and fans of the series will be able to witness the continuation of the Three Kingdoms Saga across generations. This time also includes all the famous heroes like Lu Bo, Trieu Van, Dong Zhuo, Guan Yu, etc. all have their own unique abilities.

Players will enter a long journey to destroy the mythical demons that disrupt their path to power. There are over 80 officers to collect and many capitals to conquer, so players don’t have to worry about running out of things to do.

Three Kingdoms: Legends of War also features PvP modes that pit players against each other in fast-paced combat. These missions include 1v1 battles, 10v10 fights, and 50v50 wars between alliances.

4/ Myths of Moonrise 

The entire Myths of Moonrise Continent fell into endless darkness. Everything is on the verge of destruction. At a time of death, Vampires, Werewolves and Mage reunite, looking for a glimmer of hope in the dark night. You can recruit werewolves, mages… there are many groups of generals for you to choose from. In Myths of Moonrise there are 4 types of troops and 5 races, they are arranged into an intimate relationship that creates world order.

To do that, you need to capture 3vs3 battles, along with the talent of each champion. Use different tactics such as mass attack or retreat to defeat the enemy. In general, to win the game, everything needs careful thinking of the strategist’s head. And of course, players also need to know the close alliance mechanism in the game, the existence of clans will greatly affect your strength.

5/ Code Doomsday

Entering Code Doomsday, you will be transformed into the last lucky survivors of the World. Your task is to find other survivors, form a team to build bases and create a vaccine to control and domesticate these creatures with the aim of destroying the virus. free the world from doom.

Besides, you will explore the World with Mutant Creatures that have been domesticated with your vaccine. Train and develop these creatures to become stronger to fight the large untamed creatures out  there.

Code Doomsday players also have to search and collect survival resources in the ruins of the apocalypse. Simultaneously forge alliances and expand your forces with four main units and mutants. Fight together for the revival of human civilization.

6/ Desert World

Starting from the endless desert landscape, the game leads you to each part like recreating the memory before everything became so dilapidated. A green planet, filled with frolicking, has now become gloomy with only the hiss of the wind, enough to make the player’s spine cold. 

In that barren desert, players who want to survive must find survivors. Then gather them together to create a community that depends on each other, protecting each other from attack by armed men or from natural disasters.

Once you’ve recruited a few like-minded people, it’s time to set up a base. You can manually place the first bricks to develop your base. The required amount of resources will be provided after the player wins the logical battles. 

7/ Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom

Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom – is a strategy game that will give players a new look. Specifically, here you will be transformed into a leader Wolf whose task is to lead your pack to fight with other predators to protect the territory and find food sources.

Entering the World of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom you will start with Alpha a mighty and lonely Wolf. Through the main quests to find reliable allies for your swarm to become stronger. The game will take you through each small chapter according to the plot for you to understand more deeply and grasp the gameplay of the game more easily.

The gameplay of Wolf Game: The Wild Kingdom is relatively easy but requires a sharp computational brain. You simply need to capture the enemy’s lair and destroy them all, but the important thing here is that you must calculate the exact number of troops you send if you do not want to be overturned by the opponent. chess position.

8/ Kingdom Hunter

Kingdom Hunter – Starting the construction with a small stronghold, you will begin to participate in the implementation of main quests to bring back the initial resources to develop your stronghold. You will then build your own Kingdom with armies and other production facilities.

Kingdom Hunter – With more than 80 types of units and 140 heroes with unique skills and roles that you can equip your “army”. Note that the types of troops will overcome each other on the battlefield, so before fighting with your opponent, you need to find out carefully what the enemy’s squad includes to find the right squad. battle response.

Besides, you have to collect yourself powerful heroes and most importantly, match your army. Because each hero will strengthen a certain type of army and they will also have unique skills in combat. Through those things, we can see the extremely diverse and rich tactical nature of Kingdom Hunter.

9/ Battle for Ascalon

Stepping into the land of Battle for Ascalon, you can easily encounter adorable dwarves who like to play pranks, hiding in the grass and keeping a close eye on the visitors (collectively called elves), or also You can come across weird, aggressive names (that’s Orcs). The game’s plot begins with the daily lives of the three races. This war seems to have no end, so there needs to be another, more noble species and that is the gods.

By 3D graphics technology, the context of the fantasy land in Battle for Ascalon is created realistic and eye-catching. There, players are allowed to choose to play one of three factions: gladiator, magician and swordsman. Although it is not possible to edit the character’s appearance to your liking, players can still show their personal imprint by wearing costumes, installing different weapons …

As a tactical role-playing game, players will start with the task of building an empire for themselves. You must have a strong stronghold to easily find items to feed troops and prepare for nearby battles.

10/ My Puppy Go

On the land of My Puppy Go hide a lot of elves or we can call them Puppy because of their extremely cute appearance. To be able to build a strong kingdom, it is very important to train and upgrade your Puppy. Because they will fight for you on all fronts.

Your next job is to perform tasks and exploit the ancient relics on the island in order to find resources to develop the kingdom such as: gold coins, evolution chips, upgrade chips…After Once you have found the resources, you will start the matches to expand the territory.

To start the battle in My Puppy Go, your job is to arrange your squad with a total of 8 Puppy soldiers and 2 Trainers (generals). Using the familiar Turn Based style of combat, the Trainer will use his skills to buff Puppy to help them increase their combat stats such as: ATK, DEF, HP… the battles not only help you find resources. resources but also helps you open new buildings.

11/ Looters: Survivors’ Battle

In the game Looters: Survivors’ Battle, the player will become the Robber of the zombie post-apocalyptic world. Your mission is to constantly fight your own way to survive in a world ravaged by the Sigma virus.

The city where you live will be occupied by Zombies, everything becomes extremely chaotic. Every day, the player’s task is to loot as much as possible. At the same time in the process of collecting resources, players will have to destroy zombies to protect themselves and gain many trophies.

Wanting to survive for a long time, Looters: Survivors’ Battle game players will build a squad of heroes to support themselves in battles. Besides, you will also have to build shelter and develop it to get more resources.

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